Some foods are not completely digested, so the stomach may acquire a round shape. And it can happen even in the presence of the press and the lack of the extra pounds in the abdominal area. Nutritionists recommend not to abuse broccoli, colored and white cabbage, a number of other products. Once in the intestine, they begin to rot, causing gas, says The Daily Mail.

Still experts advise to lean on beans, legumes, and various root vegetables. Many people struggle to digest large amounts of protein. Lentils by itself contains phytic acid, causing the formation of gas in the intestines. Nutritionists recommend lentils washed down with diluted lemon juice to reduce a side effect of this meal.

Dried fruits that contain sugar alcohols, which also lead to bloating. Usually they are digested normally. However, when you disrupted intestinal microflora should be abandoned from dried apricots and plums.

The last product group, leading to formation of red meats. In large quantities no the doctor did not advise to eat meat. Should be combined animal and plant write in the approximate proportions of 1 to 3.

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