Scientists have told us what food for children the most harmful

Experts from the National Institute of Singapore and Duke University in the framework of the study determined which products to children it is better not to give at all. The results were expected: most dangerous for kids potato chips, fried fish and chicken, flour products.

Parents often rely on caloric content of food, choosing food for their children. This is the wrong approach, say scientists. A vivid example is boiled potatoes with a high calorie content, however it is not hazardous to health and is unlikely to lead to obesity. And fried potatoes or potato chips, on the contrary, harmful and contribute to the deposition of excess weight.

Scientists believe, children should not only provide healthy food but also to talk with them on the topic of healthy eating. According to statistics, children of parents who are constantly busy, often resort to harmful products, compared with families in which the certain role allocate to the education of eating behavior.

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