Scientists have told us how to be happy in 4 steps

Doctor of Amit Sood (Mayo Clinic) sure, for happiness does not need money, health or professional success. A simple program with four steps is able to regain a taste for life. Half happiness depends on the ability of independent decision-making, writes The Daily Mail.

The human brain reacts stronger to negative and tend to ignore the simple things that make a person happy. Only four steps can change the lives of most people.

First you need to learn to control your thoughts. The morning remember five people you truly appreciate. In the first three minutes of communication with them should be welcomed as though this meeting is the first for many years. At the meeting you need to mentally wish them all the best.

In the second stage should be to instill a few good habits – a sense of compassion, gratitude, forgiveness. The third is to strengthen the connection between body and spirit. Fit regular yoga and meditation.

The essence of happiness lies in a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition. To consolidate the effect well to reconsider your lifestyle and adjust all things that cause discomfort. Then look on life will become easier, and to live better.

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