Scientists have told us how to avoid death from radiation

Experts Carla Kantara together with colleagues synthesized in the laboratory of a drug that can protect people from radiation immediately after its impact. Take the product the next day after irradiation, it greatly increases the chances of survival, writes The Times of India.

Scientists were irradiated mice by radiation and in the first days after that he injected them into the blood single-dose TP508. Injections delayed the time of death of animals, and some were given the opportunity to continue to live. The drug prevents the destruction of cells by the effects of radiation on the gastrointestinal tract.

TP508 is a means of protein origin that can change the approach to providing assistance in the areas affected by radiation. First, the tool was designed to restore the skin, muscles and bones. In preliminary tests, scientists noticed that the highest activity of the funds is registered in the healing of damaged intestine.

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