Scientists have told how to sleep to lose weight

The correct mode greatly speeds up the process of weight loss, say experts from Harvard. Within their study they determined the optimum time for sleep. As it turned out, sleep and wakefulness are almost the most important factor in the formation of a healthy lifestyle. According to studies, women, sleeping 6.5 to 8.5 hours on 45% less likely to suffer diabetes type II diabetes and obesity.

The first reason for weight gain when downed rhythms – night hunger. Probably everyone at least once faced with the desire to eat something at midnight. This was not, scientists recommend to eat dinner before 6 PM and try to fall asleep no later than 10-11 hours.

The second reason is chronic fatigue. In just four days with lack of sleep there is a decrease in the sensitivity of tissues to insulin, the right path of development of diabetes.

Another study says that people, sleeping 8 hours, and losing weight on diets and exercise almost twice as fast as those who are trying to sleep for five hours. Experts recommend to sleep not less than 6.5 and not more than about 8.5-9 hours a day to keep the body in shape. If fatigue rolls up to the middle of the day, you should do a 30-minute break and take a NAP.

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