Scientists have tested the new generation antidepressant

Scientists have developed a new antidepressant that potency is not inferior to the ketamine, but does not have so many side effects, writes The Times of India. The drug known as hydroxyvitamin.

Ketamine - drug substance requiring intravenous. Such treatment often causes hallucinations and full anesthesia. Experts from the National Institute of aging in the United States found that hydroxyvitamin does not have such a pronounced sedative effect, but it helps patients with depression to cope with the manifestations of her symptoms.

Researchers conducted a comparison of ketamine, norketamine and hydroxyacetamido in rats. The latter is not only saved from depression, but also stimulated the work and growth of brain neurons. In addition, decreased synthesis of D-serine. This connection is overproduced in diseases Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. It is likely that a new antidepressant will help in these pathologies.

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