Scientists have tested a vaccine against hepatitis C in humans

Completed the first stage of the clinical trials of a vaccine against hepatitis C, which was attended by 15 volunteers. No one at the time of the experiment hepatitis C has not been detected.

Vaccination included the immunity of people who synthesized antibodies to hepatitis a virus. The positive point is the fact that side effects of the drug did not have a single volunteer.

In the near future, scientists plan to conduct a more global trial involving 350 people. Definitive information about the effectiveness and safety will be known in 2016.

If all goes well, the world will get the first effective agent for the prevention of hepatitis C. To date, there are treatments for the disease, however, the length of hospitalization is extremely high: from 16 to 22 weeks. The effectiveness of the treatment is influenced by many factors including the genotype of the virus and the degree of activity of the human immune system.

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