Scientists have tested a new drug for alcoholism and epilepsy in mice results

Researchers from Tomsk state University are developing a vaccine against epilepsy and alcoholism. One remedy, according to scientists, will be able to help immediately with two serious illnesses. The first series of tests on laboratory animals was successful, and is now planning clinical trials.

Modern drugs against epilepsy has a number of drawbacks: the need for lifelong reception toxicity. The patient should take the medicine throughout life, which makes it dependent on the pharmacological companies in the financial plan.

Tomsk scientists have proposed a prototype of the new drug with less toxicity. It is dominated by substances of plant origin, which managed to reduce the toxicity of the formula. Taking high doses not associated with greater risk.

A series of tests on laboratory mice have proven the effectiveness of medications in the treatment of epilepsy and alcoholism. The tool reduces intoxication with alcohol poisoning and breaks desire to consume excessive amounts of alcohol.

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Scientists believe that the drug can help not only with alcoholism, and other drug dependencies.

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