Scientists have solved the problem of the formation of metastases in cancer

A group of researchers from the London Institute of cancer research as part of its work has uncovered a particular protein. This substance, under certain conditions, can stop the spread of breast cancer throughout the body. Simply put, the protein EPHA2 inhibits metastasis and prevents cancerous cells to form new tumors in organs and lymphatic network. About it tells The Daily Mail.

It helps to activate the protein, to "lock" the cells within the blood vessels. The opening of the scholars equate to the present breakthrough in medicine: found a method of defeating breast cancer, one of the most feared diseases for women. Now experts are looking for a way to increase the activity of the protein for a long time, at least during the radiation and chemotherapy in combination with surgical methods.

Note, not so long ago pharmacists have confirmed the effectiveness Palmoticeva in the treatment of breast cancer and some other cancers. The drug slows down the process of cancerous cell division.

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