Scientists have significantly reduced the allergenicity of peanuts

It is known that the peanut is one of the typical allergens. Scientists from the Agricultural University of North Carolina devised a scheme by which the allergenicity of this product can be reduced by 98%, writes Reuters.

Scientists were soaked peanuts in the solution of enzymes. After this procedure peanuts to taste more like fried. It can be consumed as whole beans or grind to a flour.

During processing, scientists were able to reduce the concentration of allergens Ara h 1 and Ara h 2. After processing these substances are simply not defined in peanuts, the minimum content of the second allergen is reduced by 98%.

Evidence of the effectiveness of the methods were able to confirm in the course of the study. University of North Carolina has already managed to sign a contract with the firm Xemerege, which will promote and Refine the product for consumers with allergies to peanuts. Note, these people in developed countries a lot.

Not all scientists support the enthusiasm of specialists from the University of North Carolina. Many believe that more research is needed and methods for complete removal of allergens from peanuts. Even the minimum concentration of dangerous allergen can cause acute reactions.

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