Scientists have shown a genetic predisposition to migraine

A group of California scientists were able to experiment to demonstrate the interconnectedness of the mutation of a particular gene and hereditary predisposition to serious course of migraine attacks. This discovery was made after scientists have studied the cause of chronic disease genes and genetic basis of differences between the so-called "owls" and "them". The head of the aforementioned research is Luis Ptacek, which for many years was engaged in the study of this problem. It should be noted that migraine is not just a wasting disease, and besides it is dangerous neurological disorders and often precede a stroke.

During the research assistants examined how patients with intense migraines, and then tested their hypothesis on cell cultures in the laboratory. Then came the turn of mice that scientists have modeled the genetic mutation.

In mice, which was modeled modification gene "lark", significantly decreased pain threshold, and decreased strength of the electrical impulse that causes the cortex corresponding migraine cortical spreading depression. In addition, it was found that astrocytes (nerve cells) in the head in mice with a genetic mutation showed a slightly different behavior than in normal rodents.

Scientists hope that the discovery will find a radically new way effective impact on migraine at the level of molecules with the help of new drugs.

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