Scientists have revealed the causes of the child lies

Scientists were able to answer the question: why do children lie? Just in the survey took part 372 children aged 4-8 years. The children were alone in the room for a minute. Before this, scientists said that the toy in the back of the child cannot be seen and touched. The baby was just sitting on the chair.

67,5% could not resist the temptation and broke the installation of an adult. Only one third of children admitted to that. The other lied.

Scientists have noticed that the older the child, the more he listened to the installation of the scientist. Small children often disobeyed. When experts tried to determine the cause lies, it turned out that the children were afraid to be punished.

Scientists advise parents to be more attentive to the education of their own children. The child must understand what is cheating and what he may face. Many children resort to lies to avoid punishment. Then maybe we should reconsider methods of education.

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