Scientists have revealed the causes of memory loss in children

The memory of the children is amazing. At an early age the child can learn the language for a year, whereas an adult will need more than ten years, to talk in a foreign language as fluent. Interested scientists and other phenomenon. In the period from three to seven years, children remember their earlier childhood best.

The researchers conducted a survey of children aged up to nine years. It turned out that in 5-6 years children can answer 72% of the questions about his early childhood. For eight or nine years, this figure drops to 35%.

Scientists have even coined the term "children amnesia, the loss of memories at an early age. With age, the child's brain develops and changes. The formation of new neural network, which destroy the old memories for the formation of new ones.

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The process is completely normal and does not have anything to worry about. To save all the memories from early childhood parents better use of video cameras.

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