Scientists have refuted the theory of the six basic emotions

Scientists from the University of Glasgow has denied the standard theory of the six basic emotions. According to her there are six States: happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise, disgust, writes the BBC. According to scientists, the emotional States of all four.

For the study program was developed to track changes in the expression of a human face. It turned out that fear had a lot in common with surprise, the same wide, staring eyes. Anger looked like disgust (the nature of emotions - risk).

Signals of joy and sadness had nothing to do. It's all in the facial expressions, which were formed over millions of years. Researchers recorded the change facial expressions of people on camera, and then built a three-dimensional model based on the activation of certain muscle groups.

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The model showed the volunteers. In the beginning, people hardly saw the anger and disgust, surprise and fear. Surprise and disgust, the researchers note, is socially determined signals. Other emotions were inherent nature at the biological level.

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