Scientists have refuted the myth of the incredible usefulness Breakfast

Everyone knows that a balanced diet is the Foundation of good health. Some are quite difficult to force yourself to eat properly in the morning. In the end, we are limited to hot coffee and a muffin, and then gnaw himself for the failure mode. A recent study by British scientists denied the benefits of Breakfast. Experts believe you need to eat when this is required by the body.

Researchers compared the cholesterol in humans, tightly satragachi for 6 weeks and those who did not have Breakfast a month and a half at all. The study touched on 33 people.

No difference in the cholesterol levels in volunteers from the two groups were noted. People who have Breakfast is the main meal, actively worked and studied in the morning. For the second group of volunteers, the peak of activity accounted for dining or evening time.

Note the lack of Breakfast affects the stomach and the state of its mucous membrane. Lack of food leads to gastritis and ulcers.

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