Scientists have recognized depression contagious disease

A recent study found that depression, as well as related emotions are contagious. Scientists were able to prove that living next to a man who sees life in black, very dangerous, because his mood can be transmitted to other people. If you change the communication environment, then you can find peace of mind, reported in the journal Clinical Psychological Science Association of American psychologists.

Research participants were students of the first course at one of the colleges. Scientists found that this age category appropriate to the set conditions of the study, as it is in a transitional age, a person becomes more susceptible to the outside of his influence.

While conducting their research assistants of the University of Notre Dame, located in Indiana, studied the attitude 206 students who at the time of the study lived in pairs. Was initially studied the propensity of participants to depression. After three months, participants in the study, a neighbor who had a tendency to depression, too, began to experience depression state. The neighbor who had the good fortune to be in the company of positive people, on the contrary, was less prone to symptoms of depression.

The analysis, which was conducted six months later, indicated that the obtained results were unchanged. Thanks to him, scientists have gained an opportunity to argue that depression can be passed from person to person. In addition, scientists have come to believe that the level of depression is not a constant factor, and therefore changes from changes in its environment. Obtained results can be used during treatment of depression.

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