Scientists have received stem cells using acid

Japanese scientists discovered a phenomenal way to obtain stem cells, writes The Telegraph. Based on the processing of differentiated cells by the acid within half an hour. Experts believe that the new method can make a real revolution in cellular medicine and bring it to a qualitatively new level.

Here's a simple example: as a result of some manipulation epithelial cell returns to its development to the initial stage. This allows you to reprogram it and make bone or muscle cell - it all depends on the tasks. Previously to perform these procedures required a large amount of time. It is the speed and cheapness, they note, are the advantages of the new method.

There are ways and disadvantages. As soon as the cell leaves an acidic environment, doctors have only 30 minutes to change her program. After the process is reversed. Work in this direction will allow you to move forward cellular medicine.

Stem cells can be successfully used for the treatment of diseases that were previously considered incurable. Spinal cord injuries, stroke, Alzheimer's disease can be defeated with the help of cellular medicine.

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