Scientists have put the benefits of wine full of people questioned

New Zealand scientists challenged the fact that the consumption of wine is useful for the human body. Appeared to be to full of people this drink carries only harm.

Previously, the public was sure a glass of wine with dinner are not able to harm the body. In addition, the useful properties of the drink repeatedly confirmed by scientists. Now experts from the Institute of Public Health say that wine affects people with overweight or obesity.

Most researchers Tim Lobstein and Mike Dobb emphasize the lack of past research, the difference in weight of the subjects. The results of these studies consider they may be questioned.

Overweight people often have a number of problems associated with being overweight. They are often confronted with diabetes, heart attack, stroke. Alcohol increases the risk of these diseases. It is noted that alcohol increases appetite, which exacerbates the situation of such people.

However, in the absence of pathology and overweight scientists advise to use a good glass of wine a day. It warms up the body, improve blood flow and improves mood. Previous studies have proved that regular consumption of a small amount of wine and the Mediterranean diet increases life expectancy.

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