Scientists have put a taboo on known medicines for more than a third of Russians

Genetic center Genotek initiated the experiment 2.1 among thousands of citizens of the Russian Federation. The results were more than disturbing. Scientists announced that about 36% of Russians don't need to use drugs to reduce cholesterol because of the possibility of development of muscular failure. Official research data quoted by RIA Novosti. It is worth noting that many are not even aware of the possible consequences.

The danger consists of statins, which prevent the synthesis of cholesterol and prevent its accumulation inside arteries. These medications are distributed not only in Russia but also in other parts of the world. According to the Director of the center Valery Ilyinsky, the risk group includes people with certain mutations in the genetic code. In this case, the statins damage muscle tissue and increase the chance of occurrence of myopathy in some time.

Such genetic modification was discovered more than 36% of the volunteers. They have the popular intake of statins may lead to unpredictable results. According to scientists, the purpose of these drugs is possible only after a thorough diagnosis.

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