Scientists have published the most extraordinary desire of pregnant women

Researchers conducted a survey of pregnant women to determine the most common and unusual desires that occur during gestation. In the list was a variety of food choices, from standard to the most extraordinary, including the Shoe and the smell of rubber, writes The Times of India.

The study was conducted by the company C & G Baby Club Community. According to scientists, most often in pregnant women is manifested craving for chocolate, salty foods (pickles and potato chips). However, some are drawn to taste the bark of a tree or a liquid for the treatment of footwear.

The scientists also noted perverted tastes. Women gladly consumed the mixture of products, which in their normal state have not even looked at. Marked craving for bananas with Marmite, onion potato chips with cheese and Nutella as a sauce. Every tenth woman wanted to taste soap, 6% ate chalk.

Most women were attracted to sweet foods (25%), 18% preferred meat, 13% vegetables.

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