Scientists have published the main secrets of youth & longevity

Specialists of America conducted a global study with 15 thousand people. Age of respondents ranged from 45 to 65 years. After detailed analysis of the collected data, the researchers have compiled a list of rules that allows you to significantly increase life expectancy. The list called "Rules of youth and longevity".

First, what should cancel each person is in alcohol and tobacco products. In many ways they determine the development of serious diseases: bronchitis of the smoker and cirrhosis.

In the second place, scientists set proper nutrition. Everyone knows that high-quality and healthy food, rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and seafood, normalizes metabolism in the body and normalizes the internal environments.

And, finally, the third opinion of American specialists. Scientists believe that a systematic exercise significantly stirabout the human body and increase life expectancy.

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In addition, human well-being can be improved by meditation or sex, and depression can be avoided if you apply to everything around with a positive attitude.

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