Scientists have published the liver on a 3D printer

Research group of America has developed a special 3D printer that can print these bodies. As a "filling" is used prepared cellular material.

Scientists from the U.S. biotech company Organovo printed on your device the liver. It is worth noting that the prototype of the implant can not be transplanted, as it is completely devoid of blood vessels, maintaining the organ in a living state is a complex process that is only possible in laboratory conditions.

In the near future scientists will hold a series of attempts to create liver and circulatory system, then the body can be connected to a living organism. This will produce a revolution in transplantation because of the problem of donor organs will be fully resolved by scientists.

Today received the liver undergoes a series of tests. Scientists are testing on various drugs, looking for a reaction cell. It is worth noting that back in 2011, was created by the liver without vessels. The sample had lived for 40 days and reacted to the introduction of drugs and allergens as a real authority.

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