Scientists have published a list of products that provide longevity

You know, a long and happy life without diseases is influenced by several factors: genes, lifestyle, nutrition, ecology and environment. The absence of one of the components leads to the bevel of the balance and increase the risk of developing various diseases.

Within the last observations scientists have published a list of three products that provide long life.

1) Grape berry containing the substance resveratrol in fairly high concentrations. Especially a lot of resveratrol in the skin. Substance activates the genes responsible for the protection of the human body, protects the genetic apparatus from damage.

2) Yogurt takes the second place. Studies show that the beneficial bifidobacteria, are included in it, prolong the life of all mammals, including humans.

3) Berries contain polyphenols, are in third place. Polyphenols constitute protection against infectious diseases and UV cure. Quite 650 mg of the active substance to significantly protect your body from these two factors. The highest concentration of polyphenols found in blueberries.

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