A group of experts from the American Institute of health spoke about the full spectrum of disease that develop on the background of Smoking cigarettes. Some pathology guess not all smokers.

First place deservedly occupies lung cancer. Up to 60 thousands of smokers die from this disease each year. 80-90% of all people with lung cancer smoke or have ever smoked. Note, life expectancy for lung cancer remains low. In most cases the disease is detected at stages when treatment only postpones the sad result.

There is a relationship between Smoking and other types of cancer, such as prostate cancer or breast. Tobacco affects the immune system, triggers additional mutations in the cells. Even cigarette Smoking worsens the results of treatment of cancer by about 20%.

The statistics speak for themselves. On average, a smoker lives 10% less than a person leading a healthy lifestyle. This fact alone should motivate millions of smokers worldwide to give up bad habits. No pill will not give you 10 extra years of life, and the rejection of cigarettes – maybe.

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