Scientists have proven the effectiveness of the night's administration of drugs to the Central nervous system

Specialized medical publishing Cell has published a research article with the conclusion about the necessity of medication affecting the Central nervous system of man, according to a strictly defined temporary rules.

The material is based on research of the University of Pennsylvania who analyzed the blood-brain barrier (BBB) nervous tissue that protects the neurons against the penetration of toxic substances, antibodies, neurotransmitters, and white blood cells, and a blocking flow in the brain structure of drugs. The aim of this work was to determine the selectivity of the protective mechanism.

The experiment was conducted on fruit flies with epilepsy, which was introduced the appropriate medications. Scientists have noticed that the healing process insects that received the medication at night time is much faster.

The scientists were able to establish that the night activity of the passage of magnesium through the BBB is significantly increased, which is associated with reduction of the element in the structure of tissues. Making the substance easier permeates the brain. It is obvious that the research results will contribute to more effective treatment of patients with diseases of the Central nervous system.

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