Scientists have proven the effectiveness of meditation in the fight against excess weight

According to the Deccan Chronicle, people, practicing meditation, improving the awareness of physical and spiritual sensations, able easier to follow a diet and achieve greater results in weight loss. To such conclusion experts from McGill University on the basis of data analysis of 19 studies conducted over 10 years.

During the pilot activities the subjects were asked to practice the formal meditation techniques aimed at raising awareness in the field of nutrition. Meditative practice was carried out both separately and combined methods. The controlling factor were the recommendations for healthy lifestyle.

The result was revealed a direct correlation of conscious perception with the weight loss and change harmful eating habits.

In addition, it was found that deliberate meditation practice had a positive effect after completion of the research. The participants continued to lose weight and after events. The average weight loss was 3.5% of the original. At the same time, those who carried out the recommendation of methods to get rid of the unhealthy habits, not relying on conscious perception, again gaining weight by the end of the probation period.

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