Scientists have proven the benefits of exercise for women

Scientists from the University of Massachusetts found that women to conceive a child needs 4 hours weekly to exercise. Experts managed to prove that such intensity of physical activity promotes fertility in women after miscarriage. The research results was published by the Daily Mail.

In the course of scientific work, the doctors studied as 1,200 women from 18 to 40 years for 6 menstrual cycles attempting to conceive. The subjects were United by the fact that they all had experienced miscarriage. It was found that exercise significantly increased the possibility of conception that experts explain the molecular effects of activity on fertility.

It is noted that the effectiveness of training was influenced by the body mass Index of the participants. So, overweight women could become pregnant, regularly making 10-minute walk away – chances of conceiving they had increased to 82%. Such patients did not need a mandatory high intensity exercise. Analyzing the received data, scientists have determined that a pregnancy occurred with a probability of 69%, higher for women, dedicated to physical activity of 4 hours per week.

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