Scientists have proven that the orgasm makes life longer

Have long known that regular sexual activity has a positive effect on physical and mental condition of the person. A recent study found that orgasm can significantly prolong the duration of life. Therefore, regular sex with reaching climax is an important factor in the process of predicting life expectancy.

However, it was found that women who are dissatisfied with the intimate side of her life, most often suffer from diseases of the heart and blood vessels. A recent study found that more than 900 men in the age group from 49 to 59 years, experiencing regular orgasms were half inclined to attack them premature death. Scientists cause this phenomenon to several factors.

In particular, orgasm improves the immune system because it increases the level of immunoglobulin in the human body. However, the sex helps burn excess calories and making better blood flow. In addition, the orgasm and the sex are the best natural antidepressants and intimate affection reduce blood pressure, improve sleep and reduce pain.

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