Scientists have proven that the brain structure determines alcoholism

According to The Telegraph, people's attempts to deal with stress by using alcohol, even if it amounts to one or two glasses, fraught with alcohol dependence. According to Duke University, for this group of people is characterized by a greater use and frequent breakdowns.

According to scientists, the reason for this behavior in a particular brain structure. Alcoholism can be caused by the desire to have fun and blunt sense of risk. Specialists under the guidance of making a movie Hariri has studied the state equals 200 students. Through MRI scans on the brains of students.

Experts examined the work of the chains in the brain responsible for reward and the feeling of threat. It turned out that if people tried to solve the problem, they have unwittingly been the initiation of a sense of reward. Besides, they had a reduced sense of risk, encouraging them to excessive consumption of alcohol.

Therefore, alcoholism is based on neurological conditions. As told participated in the work of Yuliya Nikolova, thanks to the work done can be identified by people from risk groups. Scientists are also interested in the search for biological markers of drug addiction.

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