Scientists have proven that drinking beer leads to the destruction of brain

Studies have shown that by drinking 1.5 liters of beer (which can be compared with three glasses of wine per week level of brain activity is reduced by 20%. Researchers from Spain have tested, which involved two groups of students from the University of Santiago de Compostela, the results were very poor.

When comparing the non-drinkers (group 1) and drank participants (group 2) was that when solving the same problems and issues of mental activity are different. And the group drank of the test participants had to exert much more energy.

After a few weeks of drinking the students took a test on the reaction, and was then measured brain activity.

External signs of the difference between these groups was not observed, the speed of execution of jobs was about the same, and the reaction was quite adequate. However, a device that measures brain activity, said overvoltage participants of the second group, the nervous system is working at the limit.

For comparison, the level of brain activity in humans, leading a sober life is 18 microvolts, at that time, as pudemo person has to strain the nervous system up to 20 microvolts. When the periodic consumption of beer within two years there has been a subsequent increase in the activity of the brain to 22 mV.

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