Scientists have proved that the speedy recovery helps writing

As a source informs RIA "FederalPress" in the research process which was attended by about fifty people, it was found that in the process of writing by hand can heal the wounds of physical and mental nature. When people release emotions on sheets of paper, this helps it to quickly recover and heal wounds.

According to Dalit news", the group of participants was divided into 2 groups. Accordingly, the first group during the three days of 20 minutes to share what happened to them. The second group all the details of their experiences and trials were presented in written form. Then each of the participants in the experiment was taken biopsy tissue, resulting in damaged skin, and came sores. Throughout time, scientists photographed the damaged areas of the skin in the healing process. As a result, after eleven days in ¾ of the people who took part in the experiment, and expressing their feelings and concerns in writing of the damage healed completely. The remaining part of the healing process amounted to little more than 40%.

In the end, the researchers concluded that after all the human mind and body are very closely linked. Therefore, the path to recovery is through the true expression of emotion.

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