Scientists have proposed two methods for slimming

Experts from Harvard medical school studied the effects of the hormone oxytocin in the process of losing weight. This substance in large quantities is produced in women during childbirth. The hormone activates the generic activities and provides an emotional connection with a newborn baby. Recent studies show that oxytocin reduces appetite and the body's need for food.

In the experiment, 25 men scientists received a positive result: the average number of daily calories reduced by 122. The figure is not impressive, but together with other methods of weight loss obese people can lose up to 17 pounds in a year. While the security method causes concern for physicians. Oxytocin is a hormone and an active substance, it can affect the body if used frequently.

"Development is very exciting, but now it is still at an early stage and the test while only began to transfer from animals to people," says study author Dr. Elizabeth Lawson.

Another method suggested by the staff of the Houston Methodist research Institute. Developed the drug mimics the action of thyroid hormones, which helps to reduce weight. The drug activates the metabolism in the body, which helps to burn fat.

The first tests on mice showed that animals were raised temperature and for 14 days they dumped almost half his weight. About the safety of this method have not been announced yet, as of the date of the first trials on human volunteers.

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