Scientists have proposed to determine the presence of obesity, with ordinary rope

Scientists from Oxford Brookes University have invented a rudimentary method of determining the presence or absence of obesity. Take the rope, measured growth. The resulting length is divided in half (the rope is folded in half). Through the resulting loop need to crawl. If you did, congratulations, indicators of body weight in order. If the waist does not pass, then it is time to lose weight, writes The Daily Mail.

The body mass index sometimes gives a wrong picture, it does not take into account the ratio of fat and muscle tissue, fat distribution around the body. The deposition of extra weight in the waist area of big concern to physicians: the figure of the type "Apple", prove the research results, significantly increases the risk of heart diseases.

Waist should be twice less than half the growth, then the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes are reduced. While the method of measurement had to try on 3 thousands of volunteers at the age of 16. The method of "loops" were accurate, cheap and easy to use, tell its creators.

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