Scientists have proposed the treatment without antibiotics

Scientists from the University of California have developed a scheme for the destruction of pathogenic bacteria without antibiotics. Their role can be replaced by special bacteria, to make them available directly in the bloodstream. "Healthy" bacterium consists of two parts: signaling and protein.

Protein molecule attaches to bacteria and tells where the body's immune system for the destruction. The development of antibodies starts the process of absorption of bacteria by phagocytes.

The method was tested on the bacteria of the Streptococcus group. Many diseases (angina, arthritis, meningitis, bronchitis and others) are caused by this species. While we are talking about experiments in the laboratory.

In the near future the method can get to practical medicine. Antibiotics every year are losing effectiveness because of the increasing resistance of bacteria. Scientists predict tremendous stability and irrelevance of most antibiotics after 20-50 years.

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