Scientists have proposed the ideal scheme eating by the clock

The study, conducted the day before, set: slimming strict adherence to not only diet, but also a temporary mode. Information was proved by the observation of 1000 people on a diet. Scientists have found that the most important thing in the process of losing weight, how much you eat, and when you do, says DNA India.

Experts suggest the following scheme: the ideal time for Breakfast - 7:11 am, lunch - 12:38 PM, dinner - 18:14. If you woke up late or want to arrange a lunch - is it better to do low-calorie foods with a minimal amount of fat. Follow to remember that Breakfast is the main take food, it should have the maximum energy value. If people do not eat Breakfast, sooner or later he will face health problems.

Researchers conducted the survey, according to which 84% of respondents believe that adherence is crucial for weight loss. Most agreed that slimming early dinner and no food after 19:00. More than half admitted that breakdowns in hazardous products most often occur in the evening "ban" during the holidays or watching TV.

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