Scientists have proposed for the treatment of Parkinson's disease to ride a bike

According to the Daily Mail, American neurologists found out that a significant relief of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease promotes Cycling.

The question of how Cycling affects Parkinson's disease has been the subject of study by a neurologist from the research Institute Lerner Jay albert after he improved the condition of his patient, committed, long bike ride.

The study involved conducting a series of scans of the brain affected by Parkinson's disease 26 patients within 2 months of thrice a week to do physical exercise on a stationary bike.

Workout one part of the patients took place in Tempe, where they could do the job freely, the other patients were prescribed a "push" mode, when they were required to pedal much faster than usual. The experiment showed improved links in parts of the brain responsible for movement, in all patients, particularly those who worked more vigorously.

According to neurologist from the Lerner research Institute Chintan Shah, the effectiveness of exercises on the exercise bike as a cheap means for the treatment of Parkinson's disease.

Parkinson's disease is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that is the second most common after Alzheimer's disease. It is associated with movement disorders, and autonomic and mental disorders.

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Most often the symptoms of Parkinson's disease occurs at the age of 55-60 years, but the common form of the disease with early onset. The main risk factors of the disease include aging, genetic predisposition, Smoking, and various environmental factors. At present, Parkinson's disease belongs to the category of incurable and therapy contributes only a slight improvement in the quality of life of patients.

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