Scientists have proposed an easy way to get kids to eat vegetables

Want your child to eat more vegetables? Ask him to grow them yourself! This is the conclusion of researchers from Cornell University. Students are 4 times more likely ordered in the dining room, vegetable salad, if you took part in growing these vegetables, says Zee News.

Prior to the introduction of lessons on gardening vegetable salads ordered only 2% of students, after – almost 10%. Knowing that the vegetables from the canteen invested personal efforts, students often finish their portions and requested supplements.

Another, no less interesting experiment, conducted by scientists from the Medical center Children's hospital of Cincinnati. Students were given the prize for choosing healthy foods in the cafeteria. The method proved effective, and supporters of healthy food in school has become much more.

In addition, it was found that children probovshim vegetables at an early age, eating them throughout life, the BBC reports with reference to the journal PloS ONE. Experts recommend to include vegetables in the diet of the baby since the beginning of the transition to food frayed.

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