Scientists have proposed a way to force the child to quit Smoking

Smoking is a serious problem. Say more, this is a war between companies producing cigarettes by state to restrain the industry and, in fact, smokers. Each side has its position and tries to protect her.

Most people are addicted to cigarettes during adolescence. Everyone knows that the young man feels the best, rarely experiencing health problems. Echo" bad habits makes itself felt only in 10-20 years, when there is a constant cough, shortness of breath, and headaches. This is why teenagers are so easily and quickly get used to nicotine. Cigarette gives them pleasure, while the damage is not felt.

Dentists believe that when showing harm from Smoking, you need to focus on early effects of harmful habits: yellow teeth and rapidly aging skin. In regard to problems with your teeth, dentists can't lie - they are confronted daily with the treatment of caries and bleaching treatments for smokers.

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