Scientists have proposed a new approach in the treatment of arrhythmia

Experts from MIPT with laser learned to take control of heart cells. This method, scientists believe, will help to forget about the problem of arrhythmia in people once and for all. While research and experiments in a given direction.

In the framework of the research was a mathematical model of arrhythmia. With the help of ultraviolet radiation, scientists were able to change the configuration of the cardiomyocytes. It is possible that technology developed in the near future will help thousands of people with heart arrhythmia.

The team gave the azoTAB molecule of new function – management of cardiac muscle cells. In fact, I made the switch from two positions: enable and disable cardiomyocytes. Now scientists are working to create a device that is close in terms of modern medicine for the use of technology in experiments with animals.

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