Scientists have predicted the imminent appearance of the elixir of youth

Researchers from the Mayo clinic in Rochester (Minnesota, USA) conducted a experiment on elderly rodents, which succeeded to some experimental prolong life.Introduced in rodents, the drug allowed them to lead a more active lifestyle and to run faster. "Elixir of youth" removed certain cells, which scientists say are responsible for aging. In addition to active lifestyle, mice were able to grow new hair, says The Daily Mail.

Senescent cells are in the human body. Proteins that produce these cells, a negative effect on the organs and they gradually wear out. The experiment was able to extend the life of mice by 25%, the researchers said.

"Ideal anti aging treatment is based not only on the removal of aging cells, but also to give impetus to the rejuvenation of tissues by stimulating differentiation of nearby stem cells," said Dr Peter de Keyser from University of Groningen. I am sure that we have found a method that can deal with problems of age-related pathology, graduated doctor.

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