Scientists have named the seven major psychological dependency

Not so long ago, American scientists have equated the Internet addiction group psychological dependency. Now she is on a par with tobacco and drug dependence. Chinese doctors began to fight rampant immersion in the Internet back in 2008.

Australia also recognized the existence of this problem. People day and night sitting in front of the screens of their devices, replacing real virtual life. Psychologists believe that the Internet is one way of dealing with stress. When a person is unable to cope with circumstances that are piled on him, he tries to find another world, a more simple and comfortable.

So, someone finds an outlet in a huge number of tasty and not always healthy food, someone immersed in the world of online gaming. Dependence to diagnose is quite simple. If a person is deprived of their favorite habits, he feels anxiety, a feeling of discontent. Scientists believe that it is impossible to go on about the habits need to lead people back to real life, to overcome addiction.

Scientists have compiled a list of the seven most serious psychological dependency. First is the dependence on mobile devices and the Internet. Next is a group of bad habits: Smoking, alcohol, fatty foods. Not less pronounced dependence on drugs and computer.

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To get rid of any kind of dependence you need to refer to psychologists and psychiatrists, who will help to understand the problem and find a way out of the situation.

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