Scientists have named the most stressful jobs in Russia

Service of sociological research HeadHunter conducted a survey and found that only 7% of Russian citizens are not faced with stress at work. The majority feels it if not every day, systematically.

Data were obtained during the survey 2669 people. It turned out that 17% of employees are faced with stress every day, 45% - periodically, 31% rarely.

I have made the top 3 most nervous professions. The list is topped by insurers, 79% of workers feel stress. In second place are the managers and marketers (73%), the third - accountants and buyers (69%).

The most quiet work of the guards, fitness trainers and consultants.

Most employees begin to worry when workload exceeds imaginable frame, in quarrels with colleagues, superiors or too labor intensive graphics.

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Next, the researchers learned how Russians deal with stress. Almost half (42%) have a hobby, 38% love to talk with friends or colleagues about their everyday concerns. Some are taking antidepressants, alcohol, visit a psychologist.

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