Scientists have named the 5 most dangerous for the health professions

A group of researchers from the American heart Association has identified the most dangerous to human health profession. That hard physical labor can lead to serious diseases, they know everything.

There are a number of professions that trigger obesity and cardiovascular disease. About them will be discussed.

In total, the study involved five thousand people at the age of 45 years. Scientists conducted a survey of volunteers and their examination. Took into account the weight of the person, the performance of laboratory tests to determine the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood. Note, none of the intervention group before the study began serious problems with the cardiovascular system had not.

Scientists have found an increased risk of obesity and strokes have doctors, lawyers, accountants and workers in the field of business. Employment and tight schedule prevent people to eat properly and engage with the port. The result is extra pounds with all the consequences of obesity. A special place in the list are chefs. 75% of people employed in the production of food products have a weight problem.

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