Scientists have named five foods that cause bad body odor

Use these products before going to visit with caution. Scientists have compiled a list of the most common ingredients that increase body odour.

Red meat. In 2006, the researchers compared body odor vegetarians and meat lovers. It turned out, the sweat vegetarians has a less pronounced odor, and volunteers saw it as more enjoyable.

Garlic. After the garlic in your mouth long unpleasant smell, which is hard to neutralize. In addition, aniline and allicin enhance the interaction of bacteria with molecules of sweat, which increases the smell from the body.

Curry. Spices also affect the smell of sweat. Curry and Jeera act directly on the perspiration and create distinctive smell of sweat. Researchers are advised to be careful when using these spices.

Asparagus. In asparagus contains vitamins A, C, E, B, folic acid, and many minerals and fibre. In 10-15 minutes after eating asparagus a person changes the smell of urine and sweat. This is due to the high content in the plant mercaptan. The composition of the molecules of a substance is sulfur, having a characteristic odor.

Broccoli and cabbage. Consumption of large quantities of cabbage changes the smell of the human body. Sweat takes on the character of rotten eggs. Hide this smell is quite difficult. Excess fiber causes flatulence and excessive gas from the intestines.

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