Scientists have named dependent phone people emotionally unstable

Experts from Baylor University conducted a survey of 346 volunteers aged 19-24 years. The study assessed the dependence of each individual from the mobile phone and the communication of this dependence with certain personal qualities, writes The Daily Mail.

Individuals who can not live a day without a mobile phone, often impulsive people with unstable mentality. So a correlation was found between emotional dependence and the General instability of the human person.

Extroverts often introverts were tied to their gadgets. Apparently, the need for an open man to be always connected is equal to one of its major needs.

In another study, researchers identified: students spend smartphones too much time. No phone in my pocket caused many to panic. Some was spent on phone calls to ten hours per day, SMS messages went up to 1.5 hours, to send e-mail and 49 minutes.

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