Scientists have made a map of the regulatory DNA

Genetics is the science that develops with each new day more and more intense. Begotten by Mendel in the mid-19th century, it is constantly updated with new pages of research and experimentation. Since then, scientists have gained a lot of information, fully revealed the structure of the genome.

But mysteries still a lot more. In genetics, there are lots of dark spots in which to understand.

Scientists project FANTON developed a map of regulatory DNA. Svetlana village, candidate of biological Sciences, Institute of General genetics, believes that the body parameters directly depend on the state of cellular structures and environmental conditions. The discovery of the regulators in DNA is a really important discovery, which spent a lot of effort. To date, the regulators of DNA - this is a real breakthrough.

In sum, scientists have found 220 regulators. The amount of research involved more than 250 experts from 114 research centers from 20 countries. Work on the project took place since 2000. The card allows you to plunge deeper into the mechanisms of gene activity in the cells. This will effectively help patients with a variety of diseases.

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