Scientists have made a map of the depression

Depression today are extremely widespread pathology of the psyche. Constant stress, processing, inharmonious relations in the family can lead to the development of this disease. In severe cases, may occur with chronic depression, which hardly undergoes treatment. For a detailed study of the phenomenon of depression, scientists have compiled a map showing the situation of this disease around the world.

It turned out that the highest level recorded in the Middle East and North Africa. To obtain accurate information scientists studied the frequency of occurrence, duration of depression, its degree of severity. Scientists say that depression is the second cause of disability in the population, it is necessary to take measures for the treatment and prevention of this disease.

In the study of mental disorders, scientists stumbled upon an interesting fact. Every year the number of deaths from suicide and pathology of the cardiovascular system.

To combat high levels of depression need to apply comprehensive measures aimed at unloading the psyche, the decrease in the intensity of the rhythm of life. In addition, people need to understand that nerve cells are not able to share, and depression depresses the nervous tissue of the brain, along with the functions of other organs and systems.

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