Experts from Britain and America amounted genetic map of prostate cancer, according to Newsweek. In the future it will help in the treatment and early diagnosis of the disease.

Scientists have made a genetic map of prostate cancer and found a new method of treatment

In the study, scientists conducted a full survey of 150 patients with prostate cancer in the later stages. No therapy for this have not helped.

Any cancer tumor tend to form metastases. Often the metastases become larger primary tumor size and spread throughout the body. From them, the patient suffers the most. The metastasis is the main cause of death from cancer.

Scientists have developed a method of quick access to metastases. Their localization depends on genetic mutations. Having studied genetics entirely possible to say in what form a new tumor, and begin treatment before the appearance of the first signs of the tumor.

While the test runs a series of tests. Its value is about 2-3 pounds.

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