Scientists have listed the diseases that arise through the fault of soybean oil

Scientists from the U.S. found the horrific consequences of the use of soybean oil. In the food industry it is used for frying, and it is also used in the production of packaged products and feed for livestock.

An experiment on rodents, scientists have found that eating soy oil is threatened by obesity, diabetes, neurological diseases, including autism, Alzheimer's, depression and anxiety.Danger was able to establish by comparing the state of the rodents that were fed the three different diets. In all three power modes provided for different fat content. Animals fed with modified and non-modified soybean oil, but it turned out that they have the same effect on the brain.

Scientists emphasize that this influence is negative because of irregularities in the functioning of the hypothalamus. This area is "responsible" for the weight of the body, maintains its temperature and plays an important role in reproduction and physical growth. In addition, it regulates the stress response. Also found out that there had been a failure in multiple genes from soybean oil.It is noteworthy that one of the negatively affected genes is oxytocin, which produces the hormone of love. In mice that were fed soybean oil, its content in the hypothalamus was dramatically reduced. In addition, researchers have discovered hundreds of other genes, in which soybean oil is able to provoke a crash.

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