Scientists have linked the speed of thought CADM2 gene

An international team of scientists analysed data about 30 thousand people from 12 countries at the age of 45 years or older. None at the start of the study was not dementia. The volunteers were asked to undergo cognitive tests. Further assessment has undergone genetic map of the participants in the experiment, writes The Daily Mail.

In volunteers with slow thinking scientists were more frequently detected genetic anomalies near the CADM2 gene. This structure is responsible for the interaction of neurons in the brain, in the region of the frontal and cingulate cortex. These sites take on the function of thinking.

Scientists have suggested: CADM2 gene is associated with development of autism and certain personal qualities. Investigating further, he can tell why some people are confused thinking is normal, continuing throughout life, while others confused thinking to old age develops into a form of dementia.

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